Introduction to Expository Preaching Starting September 30th

We are excited to announce our new one week intensive preaching course featuring Chris Osborne

Class time from September 30 - October 4th

Mr. Osborne comes to us from Southwestern and has been recently appointed Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry there. Osborne is a veteran pastor and has held multiple pastorates and convention leadership roles for several decades. Chris Osborne will bring an incredible amount of preaching and pastoral experience to the classroom so don't miss this incredible opportunity! Registration is now open.

Chris will guide you through the sermon writing and delivery process and you will cover the following key skills:

Preaching from the Word

This is an intensive expository preaching class. Osborne will show you how to craft a sermon using the Bible as your key text and you will learn the skills necessary to develop your practical and applicable sermon from the text.

Communicating Effectively

You will also learn effective forms of communication so that you can reach your entire congregation, not just one particular demographic. This will be done through practice and in-class activities.

Generating a Response

Osborne will teach you how to craft powerful, effective sermons that reach to the heart of the matter in the lives of people. You will learn how to preach Gospel-centered messages that point people to Jesus Christ.

Chris Osborne Preaching at SWBTS April 2, 2019