Degree Programmes

NCBTS presently offers several options for students pursuing training in Christian ministry or for church leaders seeking further training, including the following:

Certificate in Christian Ministry (12 courses, 36 credit hours)

Classes are offered in partnership with William Carey University (WCU, Hattiesburg, MS, USA) via online studies, with six courses taught directly by NCBTS and the second tier of six courses taught through WCU’s online programme. WCU will award a Certificate in Christian Ministry for students who complete the sequence of twelve courses (36 hours). All earned credit in the Certificate programme will be counted toward the Bachelor of General Studies degree offered by WCU.

The courses taught by Northwestern Caribbean Baptist Theological Seminary will be validated by the faculty of the WCU Cooper School of Missions and Ministry Studies so the credit can be accepted in transfer by WCU.

Continuing Education Certificate in Church Ministry Leadership (12 courses, not-for-credit)

NCBTS offers a Continuing Education programme designed for church leaders to better equip themselves for ministry in the local church. The CE Certificate in Church Ministry Leadership is a 36-hour, twelve-course programme that parallels the Certificate in Christian Ministry programme (see above) with students participating in the class lectures/discussion on an audit basis without the assignments and additional requirements of the for-credit courses. 100% participation in the classes offered (with make-up of no more than two missed classes using recorded lectures through online access) is required to receive continuing education credit toward the CE Certificate in Church Ministry Leadership that is offered by NCBTS. Auditing of Certificate Courses (above) will count toward this church level certification.

Bachelor's degree in General Studies (BGS; 120 credit hours)

This programme may be pursued directly with William Carey University with previously credited hours in the Certificate in Christian Ministry counting toward the degree.

Master's degree in Theological Studies (MTS; 36 credit hours)

This degree may be facilitated through our partnership with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), Ft. Worth, Texas, as an online programme.


Level I – Biblical Foundation

Rel 101 Introduction to the Old Testament

Rel 102 Introduction to the New Testament

Rel 273 Biblical Hermeneutics

Rel 324 Systematic Theology I

Level II – Pastoral/Teaching Foundation

Rel 473 Pastoral Ministry

Rel 482 Christian Ministries

Rel 481 Christian Preaching/Teaching

Rel 402 New Testament (Exegesis)

Level III – Church Foundation

Rel 203 The Baptist Heritage

Rel 403 Christian Ethics

Rel 483 Evangelism and Church Growth

Rel 401 Old Testament (Exegesis)