Academic Programs

Certificate in Christian Ministry

Not interested in going for a full degree? Our certificate in Christian Ministry contains just the training you need in order to serve in a variety of ministry-related positions in Christian ministry locally or abroad.
Certificate in Christian MinistryCategoryIDLevelHoursCost $200 USD per course
Old Testament SurveyOLTOLT 1113CERT
New Testament SurveyNTSNTS 1113CERT
Old Testament Book ClassOLTOLT 1213CERT
New Testament Book ClassNTSNTS 1213CERT
Introduction to TheologyTHETHE 2013CERT
Introduction to Expository PreachingPRCPRE 2013CERT
Baptist HistoryHISHIS 2123CERT
Pastoral Ministry in Caribbean ContextPSMPSM 2013CERT
Evangelism and MissionsEVMEVM 2113CERT
Christian EthicsETHETH 2113CERT
Christian Formation and Leadership DevelopmentLRDLRD 2113CERT

Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies

Our Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies provides you with the right tools you need in order to ministr to the community to which the Lord has called you.
Associate's Degree in Biblical StudiesCategoryIDLevelHoursCost $100 USD per credit hour
HermeneuticsBIHBIH 2203ASSOC 23
Old Testament IOLTOLT 2113ASSOC 13
Old Testament IIOLTOLT 2213ASSOC 23
New Testament INTSNTS 2113ASSOC 13
New Testament IINTSNTS 2213ASSOC 23
Systematic Theology ITHETHE 3113ASSOC 13
Systematic Theology IITHETHE 3123ASSOC 23
Pastoral MinistryPSMPSM 2113ASSOC 13
Preaching IPRCPRC 2113ASSOC 13
Preaching IIPRCPRC 3113ASSOC 23
Evangelism and MissionsEVMEVM 2113ASSOC 13
Baptist HistoryHISHIS 2123ASSOC 23
Church HistoryCHACHA 2112ASSOC 23
Leadership DevelopmentLRDLRD 3113ASSOC 13
Basic Christian EthicsETHETH 3113ASSOC 13
Christian ApologeticsPHIPHI 3123ASSOC 13
Spiritual FormationSPFSPF 3123ASSOC 23

Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies

For those who are interested in furthering their career, or diving more in-depth into their chosen field, a bachelor's degree from NCBTS is the best fit. We offer programs in theology, missions, evangelism, church planting, pastoral ministry and church leadership. Through our partnership with SWBTS, we are also able to offer the fully accredited M.Div degree as well.
Bachelor's Degree in Biblical StudiesCategoryIDLevelHoursCost $100 USD per credit hour
HermeneuticsBIHBIH 2203BACH 13
Old Testament IOLTOLT 2113BACH 13
Old Testament IIOLTOLT 2213BACH 23
New Testament INTSNTS 2113BACH 13
New Testament IINTSNTS 2213BACH 23
Systematic Theology ITHETHE 3113BACH 13
Systematic Theology IITHETHE 3123BACH 23
Pastoral MinistryPSMPSM 2113BACH 13
Preaching IPRCPRC 2113BACH 23
Preaching IIPRCPRC 3113BACH 33
Evangelism and MissionsEVMEVM 2113BACH 13
Baptist HistoryHISHIS 2123BACH 23
Church HistoryCHACHA 2112BACH 23
Leadership DevelopmentLRDLRD 3113BACH 13
Basic Christian EthicsETHETH 3113BACH 13
Christian ApologeticsPHIPHI 3123BACH 13
Spiritual FormationSPFSPF 3123BACH 23
Greek IGRKGRK 3013BACH 13
Greek IIGRKGRK 3023BACH 23
Hebrew IHEBHEB 3013BACH 13
Hebrew IIHEBHEB 3023BACH 23